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This deviation was deleted

Bahaa !~

I'm here to help you improve *^* !~
I'll Give a proper CNC ( Well try at least .)

So lets start with Style !~
Your style is different and cute but it needs something to help transform into its full form. Now this progress is hard because making your own style takes work . I will not lie it does but use tutorials and other styles to inspire you to add or take from your style.
Coloring !~
Your coloring still needs a lot of work but I'm sure you'll be good at coloring . Go to livestreams and use tutorials to help your improve your coloring because you can't improve on your own .
I can tell you haven't been drawing for long because I teach my friend how to draw anime the right way .^^ Your remind me of her . Your anatomy is still not as good as it can and could be . Use tutorials and practice a lot . Anatomy will take a long time to improve and master. I'm still learning about anatomy and its been two years since I been studying it.
Design of Character
Its very cute character but show a personality in her face and what she wears.
Like if she was tomboy she would wear a sporty , boyish ,and yet cute outfit because that's who she is .
The Artist thought this was FAIR
13 out of 14 deviants thought this was fair.


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